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He has also studied at the Harvard Business School. Chan is the eldest of a family of four, grew up in a resettlement estate that his family lived in until a fire destroyed Shek Kip Mei in Chan was admitted to the Chinese University of Hong Kongwhere he graduated with an accounting degree.

At one time, he worked by day in the Inland Revenue and by night as a lecturer. He later set up his own accounting firm. He was appointed the Secretary for Development and inducted into the CY Leung administration on 30 July to replace Mak Chai-kwongwho resigned earlier that month over a housing allowance fraud scandal. As Development Secretary, Paul Chan is responsible for the Buildings Department, whose mission includes dealing with illegal structures.

Chan soon became embroiled in a scandal when his wife, Frieda Hui, through a company of which he was a former director, was found to own several properties that had been illegally subdivided. After having been served rectification notices by the Building Department, Chan was quoted as saying that tenants partitioned the properties in breach of their leases. Ming Pao subsequently revealed that, between andHarvest Charm Development acquired a total of 10 old flats in Tai Kok Tsui and Jordan while both Chan and his wife Freida were directors.

Five of these properties were shown to have been subdivided. When confronted with the facts, Chan said his initial denial meant he had "no knowledge of the current status [at those properties]" [6] [3]. His initial silence, and then self-contradictory public statements on the matter that were widely seen as deceptive, led to calls for his resignation.

Ming Pao said that Chan must restore public confidence in him by "coming up with some convincing evidence that he has no intention to deceive the public". In JulyChan was once again the subject of controversy when Apple Daily revealed that he or his family had an interest in a plot of land in Kwu Tung in the New Territories that the government had plans to develop.

144chan pw

Chan was responsible for pushing the project through, and was accused of conflict of interest and failure to make proper disclosure. An editorial in The Standard noted that, with the exception of Regina Ip, all other pro-establishment figures either remained silent or distanced themselves from Chan over the matter.

Chan's signature appears on the initial purchase agreement for 20, square feet plot of farmland near Sheung Shui. The deal was finalised by a company in which his wife held shares.

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Chan signed it with a company chop of Statement Industries Ltd. His wife then sold her Although Chan claimed this was at an arms length transaction, the price is estimated to be half the compulsory purchase price. In Septemberthe Development Secretary and his wife were found guilty of libel. In his wife Frieda Hui Po-ming sent a total of six e-mails between 1 and 16 December to the Chinese International School and about 10 fellow parents of year 13 pupils alleging that Jonathan Lu and his twin sister, Caitlin, had cheated in economics tests.

Four of the emails were written after the school section head had informed her of two investigations that had exonerated the twins. She wrote one more accusatory letter on 16 December, the day after the school had concluded a third investigation and had publicly issued a circular to all students of the findings. During the trial, Chan attempted to implicate his wife as wholly responsible for the emails, resulting in Chan being satirised for once again employing the "BMW" defence — acronym for "Blame My Wife".

In the emails, Hui used her husband's occupation as a legislator to leverage her accusations. At the end of the case, the judge found that there had been no actual evidence supporting Chan and his wife's accusations.

He also serves as independent non-executive director for several Hong Kong listed companies. There were 10 members of the committee. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article is about the Financial Secretary. For other people named Paul Chan, see Paul Chan. The Honourable. Retrieved 5 October Bloomberg L. The Standard. Sina Corp. Archived from the original on 5 February Singapore's bunker market has fared relatively well this year in comparison to other parts of the world.

Global accountancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers PwC has published a notice in the Singapore press seeking buyers for "an independent bunker fuel and lubricant supplier in Singapore. The company is noted as having been operating for more than 40 years, selling both marine fuels and its own in-house brand of lubricants.

If Ocean Bunkering is confirmed to be up for sale, it is unclear what level of interest there would be from buyers. Much would depend on how much of the company's storage facilities and delivery infrastructure were included in the sale. Ocean Bunkering was listed as Singapore's third-largest bunker supplier by volume last year by the country's Maritime and Port Authority. Tuesday October 6, Also in the News. Popular Now More 06 Oct. The company alleges that Gulf Petrochem FZC "fabricated and falsified several contracts for supplying petroleum products.

PwC publishes notice to sell unnamed Singapore bunker supplier that bears a striking similarity to Hin Leong subsidiary Ocean Bunkering.Your account is not active.

292 Before & After Pics That You Won’t Believe Show The Same Girls

We have sent an email to the address you provided with an activation link. Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your account. Looking at the selfies most girls post on Instagram, it's easy to get the impression that they just look flawless all the time. Those very girls, however, have started the glorious trend of posting the ugliest photos they could possibly produce, and it's making us all feel extremely validated. This spawned a subreddit PrettyGirlsUglyFaces which now has over 45 thousand subscribers, and receives daily uploads from users.

And yes, before anyone says it, men are also included and invited to participate in the fad - though there is a separate Handsome Guys Ugly Faces thread! The aim of Ugly Faces is not just to provide side-splitting laughter, but also to show the world that even the most picture-perfect people on the Internet are still just people, and that nobody looks on-point all the time.

Have a scroll through some of our favourite comparisons below, and make sure to vote for the ugliest! This post may include affiliate links. JennIsFit Report. Isn't this the same girl from "Transformation Nearly Complete" 5 as I write this?

Eclairer Report. ShezAHardCase Report. AnitRonsen Report. When you go down on a girl and decide to look up to check if she likes it and you see that face :D. Coffinworm Report. Pusturyosa Report. Hahahaaha that is indeed miraculous!! Look amazing in different ways on both pics! Dipitydoodahdipityay Report. Poisonedthefood Report. Great face!!!Your account is not active. We have sent an email to the address you provided with an activation link.

Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your account. These rare and beautiful vintage photos of Native American girls were taken between the late s and the turn of the 19th Century, yet despite being over a hundred years old, many of the old photos are still in mint condition. Women were well respected in traditional Native American tribe culture, and although they generally had different roles from men, the Native American women often had the same rights as their male counterparts.

They usually owned the home along with everything in it, and in some tribes, while the chief was a man, it was the women who were responsible for electing him.

Scroll down below to check these beautiful old photos for yourself! This post may include affiliate links. Army Officer George W. This is one of my favorite photos in this lineup. It's great to see a really old photo with a smile, let alone one showing teeth!

I was told that because shutter speeds were slower in the early days of photography that photographers required their subjects to stand still for long periods of time to expose the image to the film negative, hence so many photos from the 's to 's without smiles in them!

Her pipe bone breastplate and bone earrings are awesome. Young girls usually didn't wear things so elaborate. Maybe she was the daughter of someone important. This is the same girl on the left in 15, though she doesn't look the same. In 15, pen has been added which ruined it. I'd never have known it's the same girl except clothing, footwear, belt and jewelry are all the same along with hair.

She's beautiful here. I visited that Pueblo; their sacred places were in the mountains behind the Pueblo. This was the tribal hairstyle for women was the elaborate squash blossom or butterfly whorls worn by Hopi maidens.

Interesting that even though she was in Buffalo Bill's side shows, there isn't really much written about her. It is interesting how back in the day they would only color in one or two items of a photo.

Bored Panda works best if you switch to our Android app. Bored Panda works better on our iPhone app! Follow Bored Panda on Google News! Follow us on Flipboard. Your image is too large, maximum file size is 8 MB. Not your original work? Add source. Error occurred when generating embed. Please check link and try again.That's one year under the age of consent in the United States and all you did was look until you saw his I.

Perfectly natural and nothing you can be blamed for. A google search of India's age of consent laws turned up 16, so why are you even worried? But boy, did he look older than me. I was 21 and he was 17 too. My crush faded in 50 minutes XD. Lol, she looked like a guy! Acted like a guy, talked like a guy! I saw her at the send off party, she was dancing with another girl. I thought it was a cute guy, haha. After an hour or so, I went to the corner and stood up on the chair, trying to find someone who was lost in such a crowd.

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I'm say that a lot of these people just say women can get away with sleeping with underage boys. I've had crushes on girls of your age as well. And its not like you're soliciting him, you just had a momentary attraction. So yeah chill out. You might see him again someday. Although, being underage, counts as being immature? Well, it's not about maturity.

He was underage.Launched by Christopher "moot" Poole in October4chan hosts boards dedicated to a wide variety of topics, from anime and manga to video games, music, literature, fitness, politics, and sports, among others. The site was created as a counterpart to the Japanese imageboard Futaba Channelalso known as 2chan, [6] and the first boards were created for posting images and discussion related to anime. The Guardian once summarized the 4chan community as "lunatic, juvenile The majority of posting on 4chan takes place on imageboardswhere users have the ability to share images and create threaded discussions.

Each board has its own set of rules and is dedicated to a specific topic, variously including anime and manga, video games, music, literature, fitness, politics, and sports, among others.

Poole has acknowledged that donations alone could not keep the site online, and turned to advertising to help make ends meet. Unlike most web forums, 4chan does not have a registration system, allowing users to post anonymously. A "capcode" may be used to attribute the post to "Anonymous Mod", although moderators often post without the capcode.

Revealing oneself as a janitor is grounds for immediate dismissal. For instance, on December 28,4chan and other websites went down due to such an attack, following which Poole said on his blog, "We now join the ranks of MasterCardVisaPayPalet al. The site was launched as 4chan. On March 1,Poole announced that he lacked the funds to pay the month's server bill, but was able to continue operations after receiving a swarm of donations from users.

By November4chan made the transition to utilizing Cloudflare following a series of DDoS attacks. On January 21,Poole stepped down as the site's administrator, citing stress from controversies such as Gamergate as the reason for his departure. In Octoberit was reported that the site was facing financial difficulties that could lead to its closure or radical changes.

But I failed. I am sincerely sorry", citing server costs, infrastructure costs, and network fees. On November 17,it was announced that the site would be split into two, with the work-safe boards moved to a new domain, 4channel.

In a series of posts on the topic, Nishimura explained that the split was due to 4chan being blacklisted by most advertising companies, and that the new 4channel domain would allow for the site to receive advertisements by mainstream ad providers.

144chan pw

Poole kept his real-life identity hidden until it was revealed on July 9,in The Wall Street Journal. Prior to that, he had used the alias "moot". In AprilPoole was voted the world's most influential person of by an open Internet poll conducted by Time magazine.Police are investigating who created a website to share inappropriate photos of Duxbury girls.

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Volocopter unveils latest generation of their flying taxi.

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144chan pw

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