Arris tm3402a login

Installing and activating Your Surfboard Modem and Wi-Fi Router

The process of updating an Arris Modem Firmware is divided into two parts. First, you need to download the firmware from the genuine website, and then you need to install it on the Arris Modem. All over it is not a difficult task to perform but you must know what you are doing. In the worst case, you could damage your modem permanently and need to buy a new modem. So, I suggest you follow the below-given steps to update Arris modem in a conscious way.

Here first, you need to confirm that your Arris modem required the latest firmware for your device. You need to log into your modem using credentials. Check is your modem running the latest version of the firmware or not. To find the correct answer you should ask the right question. If your modem is not running on the latest firmware for that exact same model number than not an issue. I have a solution for this. Please follow the below-given steps to download it.

Step 1. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Now, once you are successfully able to download the latest Firmware version than continue to install steps given-below. This is the most feasible way to upgrade the firmware of your modem. Follow the steps as given and do not skip any step. The installation process might take more than 10 minutes to get accomplished, but do not worry that it is certain.

Not in Google search. Step 2. Login into the Arris Modem using login credentials given at the backside of the modem.You might have come across various routers that are top ranked in the market, and one of them is Arris Ethernet routers and Arris wireless routers.

Sometimes, even after performing all the required steps and the accurate methods to access the Arris router login page with the Arris default passwordthere can be some issues with the password or the username if you are accessing it for the first time which means on a newly bought Arris router.

You need to know that there is some Arris default password i. Also, it has some default IP address as well. One such default IP address of the Arris router is There you go, you will be seeing a page which will demand a username and a password.

If you are using the Arris routers or the modems to pair up with the internet, then you would have to make some settings and the configurations within the router login page that will help you for an accurate and a strong internet connection.

You can actually perform this activity with the help of username and the passwords. You are probably having trouble with the router or with the internet, then you can just log in to the router web page or the web interface and then make alterations to the internet or the routers.

How to Log in to an Arris Router

Generally, the router web page allows making changes in:. Most of the Arris routers have their default passwords and the usernames. Of course, you would need these login details in order to get access to the router web interface. Generally, the username and password for almost all the routers regardless of the brand is- default username as admin and default password as the password.

Also, if you have changed the default login username and Arris default password of your router web interface then you have to enter the changed login credentials in it. In order to get things fixed related to Ms Office Product Key and more, check out our posts. This can be an annoying situation for most of us. How many login details can we even remember? Obviously, not more than 3 or 4. When you have forgotten the Arris login details changed ones then you can simply try the below mentioned steps:.

Default login credentials are mostly the same for every router- admin and password, but it may differ when you change these default settings. Nevertheless, you can make use of these steps to access the router interface again.

It works!Arris is a name that immediately commands respect with the mention of its name in any conversation. Started back inalmost two decades ago, Arris was a well-known name within the distributors of the cable TV equipment. This quickly changed when they started manufacturing their own cable equipment as the distribution of the cable signals to home of various customers across the country using a coaxial cable was quickly gaining popularity and showed great premise as a field to explore and expand in.

Thus, without fail, the company kept expanding its expertise in, from manufacturing cable equipment to entering the broadband and dial-up connection market and making their devices extremely easy to handle including simplifying the Arris router setup process.

This expansion never stopped and became what it is now; a big name in the league of the big boys. Today they stand firm with their vision and look to become one of the leaders in the telecommunication history by developing technologies that ensure customer satisfaction and technological advancement for the world to come.

These innovations include and are not limited to, video-phone, development of device monitoring and control equipment, security enhancers, meter monitoring and reading and on-demand services for cable and broadband connections along with making networking devices which have a simplified Arris router setup process.

The simplified process makes it easier even for the non-technical users to get their Arris router up and running in no time. Without much of effort, a user can enjoy high-speed internet connectivity which is free from interruptions and lags. Being true to their homeland, as a company set up in Suwannee, Georgia, Arris drew up principles and visions as a company which would drive them to their eventual success and assist all the customers they hold dear.

arris tm3402a login

These guiding values have never changed and would never do which primarily are:. The products made by Arris have been used widely with the multiple features running on them like Broadband, Wireless, Ethernet and this lets it act as a Gateway device working to provide powerful connectivity and wide range features to all its clients.

Other devices with an easy Arris setup process would include the following:. Each of these devices were specially made to ensure a customer experience that is like no other due to the running of several easily manageable services like an easily accessible Arris router setup wizard which completes the Arris setup process in no time.

The device Arris is the perfect example of the Arris architecture and technological advancement. This is even better explained once we look at the Arris setup process. The internet connection needs to be set up next.

Next we would be required to set up a wireless network connection for the device. The wireless connection steps that we mention would be based on using the most commonly used method of setting up the device i. The device now needs to be accessed to change a couple of settings. This will ensure that the device is personalized as per your needs and is unique as compared to other Arris devices.

For that, you need to access the Arris router login page using the Arris default IP. The further steps are given below:. With this your Arris router and gateway would be good to go. For any other query regarding features and other processes, call us on our toll free number today. We would love to get in touch with you and assist you for all your troubles. Skip to content. Initiating the Arris Router Setup Arris is a name that immediately commands respect with the mention of its name in any conversation.

Evolving the Arris device's Login process today Today they stand firm with their vision and look to become one of the leaders in the telecommunication history by developing technologies that ensure customer satisfaction and technological advancement for the world to come.The first modem the tech installed would link correctly on the WAN side with all right lights on the front and the phone working.

But, it would never hand out an IP to my router.

arris tm3402a login

We connected my laptop directly in place of the router, and it would still not give an IP address. The phone works fine but my internet keeps going down. The internet drops out now about once per day. Power cycling the modem fixes it and it gives out an IP again on boot up. Cox did a truck roll for the problem and the field tech replaced the modem with a different one so I"m on my third one.

Hard to believe there are 3 bad pieces of hardware in a row. Any body else experience this or have any ideas? Should I go back to my previous modem? The modem doesn't issue an IP address to your separate router. When the modem establishes connectivity to Cox, Cox issues a public IP address to your modem.

That's what the world "sees" you as. Your router has its own private IP address and issues more private IP addresses to your devices. The modem and router Besides the IP address, what was the problem when the modem linked correctly to Cox If your devices could connect to the Internet, the first modem was good. I suspect it's your WAN service. You'll need to post some speed tests and modem logs to verify. So I'm not expert on cable modems pretty good on more 'standard' corporate networking What happens is My router gets issued the cox IP with a 24 hour lease, but it goes away sometime in in the next few hours.

Once it is in this mode, It won't reissue an IP to any device unless the modem is restarted. When it is 'working' e. I can plug in a router or a pc directly and I will get issued a cox IP just fine. I can plug, unplug, change devices Additionally as soon as it fails, the link light on the ethernet port on the router goes out in case that is an indicator of something.

However, even when it fails like this - the front light indicating internet stays lit and the phone still works. Seems to indicate to me it thinks the link to COX is still working. Speed is Mb and is the same as I had w prior modem. I can run speed tests from my LAN and those are either rock solid or 0. I've had a tech out - they look at all the channels and levels and say all is good. Do I have access to these modem logs? I have had a surfboard modem not sure on model.

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Have a USB port on router? Try adding this Rosewill external USB mm fan. Similar threads Question Networking issue?

How to Log in to an Arris Router

High ping on specific servers Question Overheating high-end router? Question Is there a way - to simulate high ping time. Post thread.Arris router could easily configured by using web-based management page for Arris routers.

The login credentials could easily found on the stick at the backside of the router. Arris setup is familiar to that of a typical router with a web-based interface. So here we explain to you, how to set up your Arris wireless router. For some routers with the Arris router login, you can use the Surfboard app to setup Arris wireless router. We already have mentioned instructions above on how to reset the Arris wireless router.

arris tm3402a login

Follow those instructions and you will reset your router. This should solve your issue of logging into the web interface of the Arris router and let you complete the Arris Router Login process.

Your device may have defected. You can check every detail of your Arris router given on the back.

TM3402 | Touchstone® TM3402 E-MTA

An IP address is also given on the back of the router. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Skip to content. How to login into Arris Router admin page Instructions to follow First and the foremost thing to do before setting up an Arris router is to get the default IP address of your Arris wireless router. This IP address is used to complete the Arris router login process to gain access to the web-based interface of the Arris router.

The IP address for the Arris router is Launch any web browser of your choice and enter this default IP address in the address bar and click Go. Now a small login screen will pop up on your screen asking for username and password.

Enter the default values in these fields. Now while holding the reset button down, unplug your Arris wireless router from the power outlet and hold the reset button for another 30 seconds.

Now still hold the reset button and plug-in your Arris wireless router and turn-on your router. After doing this, your Arris wireless router will reset to its Factory Settings. Now it is recommended to change the username and password of your Arris wireless router to make it more secure than before. Where is the wifi password located on my Arris router? How to update Arris firmware update?

How to login to the Arris router admin page? How to set up the Arris router?Every aspect of our company is centered on bringing each customer state-of-the-art service.

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