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camillus kukri

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Product Title NEW! Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews. Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars, based on 1 reviews 1 ratings. Product Title Black Kukri. Product Title Kukri Machete Product Title Condor Kukri Machete. Product Title Bush Hog Kukri. Email address.The knife has a distinct recurve in the blade. It is used as both a tool and as a weapon in the Indian subcontinent.

Traditionally, it was, and in many cases still is, the basic utility knife of the Gurkha. The kukri often appears in Nepalese and Indian Gorkha heraldry and is used in many traditional rites such as wedding ceremonies. A common myth is that a kukri must draw blood before sheathed; in fact they are frequently used as utility tools, extraordinary stories of their use in combat by the Gurkhas may contribute to this misconception [1] [2].

The kukrikhukriand kukkri spellings are of Indian origin, [3] the original Nepali term being khukuri. Researchers trace the origins of the blade back to the domestic sickle and the prehistoric bent stick used for hunting and later in hand-to-hand combat. Among the oldest existing kukri are those belonging to Drabya Shah c. The kukri came to be known to the Western world when the East India Company came into conflict with the growing Gorkha Kingdomculminating in the Gurkha War of — Despite the popular image of Dracula having a stake driven through his heart at the conclusion of a climactic battle between Dracula's bodyguards and the heroes, Mina's narrative describes his throat being sliced through by Jonathan Harker's kukri and his heart pierced by Quincey Morris's Bowie knife.

All Gurkha troops are issued with two kukris, a Service No. Its acclaim was demonstrated in North Africa by one unit's situation report. It reads: "Enemy losses: ten killed, our nil. Ammunition expenditure nil. On 2 SeptemberBishnu Shresthaa retired Indian Army Gurkha soldier, alone and armed only with a khukri, defeated thirty bandits who attacked a passenger train he was on in India.

He was reported to have killed three of the bandits, wounded eight more and forced the rest of the band to flee. The kukri is designed primarily for chopping.

The shape varies a great deal from being quite straight to highly curved with angled or smooth spines. There are substantial variations in dimensions and blade thickness depending on intended tasks as well as the region of origin and the smith that produced it.

Larger examples are impractical for everyday use and are rarely found except in collections or as ceremonial weapons.

camillus kukri

Smaller ones are of more limited utility, but very easy to carry. Another factor that affects its weight and balance is the construction of the blade. To reduce weight while keeping strength, the blade might be hollow forged, or a fuller is created. Kukris are made with several different types of fuller including tin Chira triple fullerDui Chira double fullerAng Khola single fulleror basic non-tapered spines with a large bevelled edge.

Kukri blades usually have a notch kardakaudaGaudiKauraor Cho at the base of the blade. Various reasons are given for this, both practical and ceremonial: that it makes blood and sap drop off the blade rather than running onto the handle and thereby prevent the handle from becoming slippery; [9] that it delineates the end of the blade whilst sharpening; that it is a symbol representing a cows' foot, or Shiva ; that it can catch another blade or kukri in combat.

The notch may also represent the teats of a cow, a reminder that the kukri should not be used to kill a cow, an animal revered and worshipped by Hindus. The handles are most often made of hardwood or water buffalo horn, but ivorybone, and metal handles have also been produced.

Kukri Machetes

The handle quite often has a flared butt that allows better retention in draw cuts and chopping. Most handles have metal bolsters and butt plates which are generally made of brass or steel. The traditional handle attachment in Nepal is the partial tangalthough the more modern versions have the stick tang which has become popular. The kukri typically comes in either a decorated wooden scabbard or one which is wrapped in leather.

Traditionally, the scabbard also holds two smaller blades: an unsharpened checkmark to burnish the blade, and another accessory blade called a karda. Some older style scabbards include a pouch for carrying flint or dry tinder. The Biswakarma Kami caste are the traditional inheritors of the art of kukri-making. Kukri blades have a hard, tempered edge and a softer spine. This enables them to maintain a sharp edge, yet tolerate impacts.View all Camillus Knives.

Camillus Cutlery has been revolutionizing the world of innovative knife designs, creating pieces of matchless craftsmanship since Being one of the most reliable and oldest knife manufactures, Camillus Cutlery impresses with expertise in making hunting, fishing, sporting, and tactical knives. Camillus Fixed Blade Knives: Camillus offers a diversity of well-built and versatile fixed blade knives that are ideal for outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, and camping.

The knives are crafted using high carbon, Carpenter, and German stainless steel and are perfect for combat scenarios and hiking, camping, and survival tasks like digging, cutting, hammering, and splitting. This series also includes machetes, replacement blades, and many more useful items.

The knives in this range differ with respect to their locking mechanisms. From framelock to linerlock to lockback mechanism, you will get a tremendous inventory of folder knives in this series. Camillus Framelock Pocket Knives: Uniquely designed pocket knives in this series are expertly crafted to offer functionality.

These framelock knives are known for their ambidextrous thumb studs, promising precision, and control. The G handle design on these knives makes them lightweight and attractive. The stainless blades make them impact resistant and highly durable. Camillus Linerlock Pocket Knives: The Linerlock Knives by Camillus are ergonomically designed cutlery featuring side-spring lock mechanism.

The lock can be easily opened and closed with one hand. The knives are engineered using stainless steel. Easy-to-carry, the knives feature comfortable grip for secure handling. The knives in this series have the tanto and drop point blades that have the capability to pierce through anything easily.

"Camillus Carnivore: Catastrophic Failure" by TheGearTester

The stainless construction of these knives conveys immense strength and helps the knives survive in challenging situations. The handles are textured which helps in maintaining an excellent grip without slipping.

These are well-structured knives with favorable strength. Camillus Specialty Lock Pocket Knives: This series includes knives that have a specialty lock mechanism such as a sliding launch blade. These knives have a stainless partially serrated titanium bonded blade; these blades store inside the handle until its ready to be used.

The specialty lock features dual locking safety button which holds the blade safely in the open or close position. These lightweight knives make an ideal EDC.

Camillus Blaze Knife Series: The series covers a range of linerlock folding pocket knives.This shape is believed to have existed years ago; the Kopis used by the Greeks is the probable source of its design. In our modern times the kukri really came to prominence outside Nepal with the Nepal War in after the formation of British Gurkha Army. To some the most appealing and distinctive part of the kukri is the notch or Cho cut into the blade directly in front of the grip near its base.

Its unique shape and utility objectives have been the source of much debate. The notch works as a blood stop to prevent fluid from going towards the handle so that a good grip can be maintained.

Additionally it was to stop the sharpener when in use from reaching the handle. Religiously it signifies the Hindu fertility symbol OM and represents the sacred cows hoof. You can buy original kukri's from the arsenal of the Royal Nepalese Army as well as find modern day versions and machetes online at Atlanta Cutlery. Historic in every sense of the word, you have the rare opportunity to own a legendary antique Nepalese kukri since originally issued to Gurkha soldiers over a century ago.

Discovered in the Royal Palace of Lagan Silekhana in Kathmandu they are real military treasures of a bygone era. It has a straighter spine and longer blade than bhojpure. It comes with new scabbard made of wood and covered in leather. Includes 2 small kukri knives that mount in the auxillary pouch on the back of the scabbard.

Blade only without the handle or scabbard. This does not come with a scabbard. These have all seen service with both the Nepali military and the British Army. All of the blades are marked in Devangari script with the date of manufacture. Fair Condition. There was no active rust, but there was corrosion from years of storage and two significant dents in the edge.

I spent about an hour working on it with a rust eraser and a whetstone and got it back to almost original condition, though the dents would need much more work to take out. Mine had a wooden handle which is very solid and in fairly decent shape.

Camillus Knives & Tools

In hand it feels authoritative and "choppy" in a good way. If you haven't handled a historic kukri before then they're very interesting and very utilitarian. To be honest, it wouldn't be my first choice for outdoor usage, but it would definitely work in a pinch. As a collector piece This is a vintage or antique blade, and when you think about it, the dents in my blade just indicate that it saw use during the day.

More likely than not, someone trusted this blade with their life when they took it with them on an expedition. It was all I could have wished for. The two small knife's were nicer than I thought they'd be. I had wanted this item for some time now and it was well worth the wait. Reallyreally please. Reviewed by: shawnMarch 24, Review of: Wood Kukri Handle I have a few old kukri blades that needed restoration.

These old handle blanks are the correct start in my restorations. Proper original old wood, pre-formed and ready for further minimal sculpting and fitting has worked for me. I now have authentic blades repaired with authentic old parts!

Knife is huge and scary. Love it.The Camillus Cutlery Company was one of the oldest knife manufacturers in the United States as its roots date back to The Company produced millions of knives until it filed for bankruptcy in Its brand name and intellectual property rights were purchased by Acme United Corporationwhich re-launched the Camillus brand in May using modern materials.

He was first put in charge of cow chains but gradually worked his way up to the firearms and cutlery department. Inwhen the Dingley Tariff was enactedthe knives became too expensive to import. The only solution Kastor saw was to manufacture knives domestically. Eventually, his search led him to Charles Sherwood and his small knife manufacturing business in Camillus. They bought new machinery, such as steam driven drop forge hammers and fly presses and they adopted new techniques, like using alumina grinding wheels.

Bythe Camillus Cutlery Company was producing close to a million knives a year and had about employees, [3] many of them German immigrants. The company even built a dormitory to house its German workers. In the s the knife manufacturer introduced stainless steel to its production, and started making collectible character knives, which honored famous people such as George Washington[4] Babe Ruth[5] and Buck Rogers.

It also began manufacturing private label products for SearsCraftsmanWoolworth and many others. Marine Corps officers Colonel John M. Davis and Major Howard E. Navy in cutting and splicing lines. It introduced many new products, and inCamillus began manufacturing a full line of official folding knives for the Boy Scouts of America BSA. After the Vietnam War, the company continued its growth by adding more new pieces to their already wide product range. InCamillus acquired Western Cutlery Company.

Since the turn of the centuryCamillus Cutlery saw its revenue decline due to stiff overseas competition and allegedly poor management practices. As a result, employees implemented a four-day workweek after the normal factory shutdown at Christmas The kukri or khukhuri machete is a renowned cutting tool originating in the mountains of Nepal.

Enjoying a mythical status in that country, this incredibly versatile machete has been used as a deadly weapon in times of war and as a reliable farm implement in times of peace. The British Indian forces first felt its sting when they warred with Nepalese Gurkha troops, and the rest is history: the kukri is now the preferred hand to hand combat weapon of Gurkha regiments around the world.

Kukri machetes have earned renown for their hardiness in combat situations — in fact, they have allegedly never ever been damaged in battle! There may be some credence to this somewhat mythical claim, because the kukri is indeed a tough machete:. Besides its practical benefits, I personally find its unique design to be very aesthetically appealing — compared to other machete. Long story short, the kukri possesses power, mystique and heritage in ample amounts, both as a melee weapon and farming tool, making it a highly sought after possession among farmers, martial artists, soldiers, and art patrons and so on.

A full tang refers to a tang that goes into the handle, and comes out of its back, and is secured using a butt cap — this is the strongest way to bind the blade with the handle.

This is a small notch close to the handle of the blade, which practically serves as a blood drip or a substitute guard, however, it has a number of other symbolic connections too. There is a lot more to the kukri machete than this list, but those are finer details which we can do without for now. Gauging length of a machete can be tricky for rookie owners, since it has a curved blade.

These separate measurements can sometimes add up to a value different from the overall length, but now you know why. If you need the machete for simple chopping and cutting, again, go for high carbon spring steel. Other features, such as the material used for construction, the number of fullers, and the length, will be up to your discretion in this case. Due to its rich and interesting history, you may come across some quirky myths about the kukri machete:.

According to one, the kukri draws blood each time it is drawn from its sheath. This is simply not true, but has perhaps become popular because most wielders draw the blade incorrectly by wrapping their fingers around the base of the scabbard as they pull the blade out of it: the lower, sharper portion of the blade runs across their fingers, resulting in severe cuts and bleeding.

Made from high carbon steel and sporting a On the downside, it does make the weapon a bit cumbersome to wield for extended durations. The walnut handle, enclosing a full tang, ensures that the blade stays firmly in place, regardless of the heavy wear it has to endure in the field. The leather sheath is durable and good-looking, and even has a belt to go around your waist, although the weapon can be a bit difficult to put into it because of its curved blade profile.

The SOGfari earns points for the utilitarian saw knife on its back edge though, which enhances its usability in the field.

Camillus Knives & Camillus Pocket Knives

The sheath is good quality for its synthetic origins, but nothing to write home about. The blade is The blade is also coated with a tough black powder finish to prevent scratching, but its effectiveness can only be gauged after extended usage.

With its carbon steel composition, 2. The black baked-on anti-rust finish on the blade is an added bonus, keeping the carbon steel from rusting rapidly. The polypropylene handle makes the weapon safe to wield, but is a bit awkward and can cause callouses if used continuously for long. The same cannot be said for the wielder though, since while this kukri machete can be compared to an ax or hatchet in terms of its sheer chopping prowess, it is heavy enough to leave you tired after moderately long use in spite of its fullered design!

The blade goes into an elegantly carved, polished rosewood handle and ends in a full-tang. Other than that, the chakma and karda it comes with complete its traditional appeal, while also being relevant tools for the outdoorsman. Kukri machetes have been associated with bloody combat and tough farm work ever since their invention in Nepal, and as such are intended to be durable, heavy duty tools.

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