Darkroom kit

KANTON is a smart home solution to develop your color and black and white film in both 35 and mm without the need of a darkroom—it combines chemical heating and automated film agitation in a single device. Developing films at home is time consuming and the outcome is highly unreliable.

You need a dark place, a developing tank and several chemicals that you have to heat in your sink or on a stove—both highly unreliable and inconvenient. After everything is set, the tank has to be continually agitated in order to get good results.

KANTON features automated film winding and agitating, precise chemical heating and quick turnaround—ready in 15 min. No water-bath is required neither do wet bottles occur and only half of the amount of chemicals used in the typical developing process is needed. No water-bath or wet bottles are required, and only half of the amount of chemicals used in the typical developing process are used.

A daylight tank allows users to put the exposed film in bright light conditions. The agitation process has been automated, which ensures a steady developing process. The chemicals are heated and monitored in the interface with a steady temperature without the need for sturdy cables. To use KANTON, you simply adjust the reel, put in the film, select a setting from the database or do a manual input, cut the film and wait for the chemicals to reach the desired temperature.

After 15 minutes, the heating process will finish, and you will be alerted when to pour the chemicals inside the tank and back into the bottle. Finally, wash your film with tap water, take it out of the reel, and use the hangers provided in the compartment of the station to hang it up to dry.

Inside the tank, the reel is autonomously agitated by an electric motor. All of the chemicals as well as the tank are heated via heating plates on the main station, while a magnet stirs the liquids, providing exact temperature measurements transferred via spring pins.

To continue working with your perfectly developed negatives, a small scanner provides you with the possibility to digitalize the images for online posts or small printouts. An integrated knife system allows precise, fast and easy film cutting in order for safe storing. Learn More About This Project x. But you don't actually need a darkroom to develop film. A one direction preferences he makes fun of your weight wattpad film development reel is opaque.

And for taking film from the canister into the reel the old trick is to do it inside the winter jacket. That skill is easy to master.This classic black-and-white film allows for maximum pushability when he needs it, while its wide exposure latitude lets him leverage even the most challenging.

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darkroom kit

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darkroom kit

Binocular Accessories. Scope Accessories. Digital Photo Frames.Beseler Printmaker Darkroom Kit Free Express Shipping! The Caltar continuous Lighting and Background Starter kit comes with everything you need to take your home videos and product photography to the next level. This kit includes backgrounds, light stands, and umbrellas to help you look your The kit is built around the SBL-1 fixture with a 10' power cable Stores are responsible for providing Shopzilla with correct and current prices.

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Out of stock. Free Shipping! Ads related to starter darkroom kit. Caltar Continuous Lighting and Background Starter Kit The Caltar continuous Lighting and Background Starter kit comes with everything you need to take your home videos and product photography to the next level.Here are the essentials of any good basic darkroom. In setting up yours, you can choose from a wide variety of equipment to suit your needs.

This is a recommend list of everything you need to start a darkroom. It is by no means everything available. There is a wide array of papers, chemistry and equipment you can add to help you create unique images. For example, toning is a great way to take darkroom printing to the next level. If you need to refresh your memory, here are the basic steps of printing. Depending on the enlarger you purchase, you may need to get a 35mm negative carrier and 50mm enlarging lens with a lens board and jam nut separately.

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to call one of our friendly sales representatives for assistance. Some enlargers can handle both 35mm and medium format negatives, although you will need a different negative carrier and lens to accommodate this. There are also enlargers that can handle 4x5, medium format, and 35mm film.

If you plan to print with 4x5 negatives in the future, you should purchase an enlarger that can accommodate them. In order to get prints which are correctly exposed, you need to control the amount of light that reaches your paper. The timer, along with the aperture on your enlarger lens, controls the exposure so that your prints are neither too light nor too dark.

Timers can either be stand-alone, requiring you to turn off the enlarger manually, or they can connect to the enlarger for automatic shut-off.

We recommend a timer that automatically turns the enlarger on and off. The easel is used to hold the photographic printing paper while you are exposing it. The paper holders on the easel are used to correctly position the unexposed paper and hold it flat during the exposure.

Darkroom Supply List

There are quick easels in a singe set format like 8x10 or 5x7, and there are bladed easels that allow you to choose your own format. You might also consider buying a contact printing frame, which has a Plexiglas top to hold your negatives flush on the paper for contact printing.

Safelight filters come in a few different varieties. The most commonly used are OC amber and Red A1. Always check the manufacturer's instruction sheet to determine the appropriate type of safelight for your particular paper. Never mix OC and red safelights in the darkroom -- even if a paper can be used with either safelight, the combination will usually cause fogging. The safelight should be positioned to provide the best illumination of the work area, but should be kept at least four feet from the photographic paper.

See our How Safe is Your Safelight? These are used for moving the photographic paper through the processing solutions. You should have a set of four: one for developer, one for stop bath, one for fixer, and one for the final rinse. Label each one to avoid contaminating the chemicals.

Darkroom / Chemistry Supplies

The trays hold the processing solutions. The first tray is for the developer, the second for the stop bath, the third is for the fixer and the fourth is for the wash.Skip to main content. FREE Shipping on eligible orders.

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Back to top. Get to Know Us. Amazon Payment Products. English Choose a language for shopping.And to keep your analogue camera alive we do our best to have a comprehensive range of films in stock for you every day.

Whether beginner, ambitious hobby photographer or professional, we have almost all the analogue films available on the market at reasonable prices. If there is one thing that we have learned in our 40 years of industry experience, it is that variety is what makes the difference.

We want our customers to be able to decide for themselves which film type or manufacturer suits them best. We have a comprehensive range of products, which give free reign to your creativity and don't limit you. It is a motto which successfully describes why our customers make the effort to photograph on film.

For most the topic goes well beyond pure photography. Selection of the right film, setting the camera and conscious observation of the subject are just the start of this wonderful process, which gives a sense of awareness of time, art, aesthetics and craft. The process continues with development of the film, and ends with the grand finale in the darkroom.

darkroom kit

In our photochemistry section you can find your desired product quickly and easily. Have a look around, we have the right photochemistry for every need. At macodirect. Choose from a large selection of black-and-white and colour chemicals for all applications from film and paper development and retouching to fine printing processes and photographic emulsion. Most products are available in different sizes, so you can choose according to your needs. All products come from well-known traditional and brand manufacturers.

Your very own photo laboratory — in the past a personal darkroom was the dream of every ambitious photographer. The digital revolution has meant that this desire lost its appeal for a couple of years, but, like all good things, it won't stay forgotten for long.

Their memories of the good old days in the darkroom means that many of our customers have revived their old home darkrooms. These days more "analogue beginners" than ever before are taking a step toward doing their own development. It's easy to start out and needs less skill and equipment than you'd expect. Starting with good value negative laboratory sets for beginners, and all the way to handmade dry presses which are looking for their equal — you should find everything you need in our Laboratory section.

We present cameras from Polaroid, Fuji instax and many other brands. You will also find suitable equipment for the next Foto-Walk or your own studio, many different brand filters with high-quality coatings, everything about camera cleaning and many useful accessories.

An important part of photography is the archiving of your negatives and pictures. Who does not know this. The drawer or a box full of unsorted negatives and photos. With a bit of luck, the photos are still sorted by film in the picture bag from the photo lab.

Unfortunately, in the "chaos" many of our works are quickly forgotten. Too confusing, too complicated, where do I start? We all know many excuses. The nice thing is, with only little effort the mess is quickly fixed.The magic of watching a photographic image appear on a seemingly blank sheet of paper has lasted more than years. Nothing can quite match that magic for the photography lover, even in this day of digital darkrooms and one-hour photo labs. Call for the names of dealers in the Chicago area.

The Omega C darkroom kit includes the enlarger, enlarging lens, 35 mm negative carrier, measuring and mixing equipment, tongs, trays, a timer and even 25 sheets of 8-byinch black-and-white photographic paper. It also includes a developing tank and film reels for developing rolls of black-and-white film.

The system can be retrofitted with a head for color printing at an additional charge. People can piece together a darkroom with new equipment. Used equipment is another alternative. At Darkroom Aids, Lincoln Ave. There are lots of models priced in between these two and many higher-priced models as well.

Darkroom Aids hands the starter darkroom buyer a handy checklist to work from. Using it and prices in the store, setting up a darkroom breaks down this way:. The darkroom also needs a "graduate," which is essentially a measuring cup, and any glass a quart-sized one will do. The powder for a 1-gallon mix of Kodak's all-purpose Dektol developer is enough to make more than 8-by black-and-white prints.

Darkroom Aids also sells a black fabric matting that can be used to seal off a window, such as one in a bathroom, a popular place to set up a darkroom because it has running water. Darkroom Aids can also make custom-sized sinks to set up in a permanent darkroom. One word of caution-wherever the darkroom stands, make sure the area has a vent and fan to provide ventilation for the fumes released by photographic chemicals. Also, people with skin sensitivities should invest in those boxes of throw-away latex gloves that can be purchased at stores that carry sickroom supplies.

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