Newt scamander imagine jealous

A Little Mistletoe. Knight In A Navy Coat. First Kiss. Gifts of the Heart. Coldest Winter. Christmas Wishes. Something Better Soulmate AU. Originally posted by yourreactiongifs. I apologize for being absent so long! However I am supremely ecstatic to announce that I am finally getting the hang of things right before exams, go figure and will successfully fit in ample writing time! Originally posted by septembercfawkes. This is so precious and inspiring I would be so honored if gondorgirl01 could let me write this prompt for her pretty please???

Originally posted by dispentry. Y'all are amazing! Originally posted by nezoid. Originally posted by newt-and-pickett. You always preferred to leave the window open while you worked at your desk. You found the busy sounds of New York streets below comforting, the fresh air that drifted in would assist in concentration as you wrote or sketched, and the sunlight that dripped through always brought a smile to your face.

Though likely odd to some, you saved your biggest smiles for heavy rainstorms. You often recalled the day you were caught in a thunderstorm, walking down the pier with the intentions of getting home to a warm cup of hot chocolate and a good book. You had spared a glance to the ocean behind you, skidding to a halt with wide eyes at the sight of a sea drained of any color, replaced with dull shades of gray. Though you laughed at it now, you were terrified when you asked a passerby if the ocean was indeed gray, and had received the oddest look in response.

Even to this day you found you could barely breathe at the realization you had found the color—or rather, the absent color—your soulmate must have possessed in their mysterious eyes. Ever since that fateful day you had made it mandatory to visit the beach when it stormed, hope swelling in your chest when clouds coated the normally blue skies. Pausing in your current writing, you glanced up to the darkening sky with baited breath, a grin already tugging at your lips. When the clouds continued to drift peacefully, you slouched in your chair and rested your head in your hands in defeat.

A sudden flash of lightning streaked across the clouds, sending shockwaves of hope through your heart as a familiar rumbling echoed in the sky. Your desk shuddered as if in fear, the vibrations titillating your skin and prickling at your nerves as the clouds growled with thunder. This fact both excited and worried you, the possibilities eating away at your thoughts as you sat atop your favorite rock that rested a safe distance from the powerful waves.Originally posted by your-harry-potter-imagines.

He loves you tho. Rating: Confessional, loving fluff that is guaranteed to cure your ailments for the day. Envy seeped through your skin when she made Newt smile, laugh, or impressed him with her captivating conversation and undeniable charm. Tina shamelessly flirted with your magizoologist every chance she got, only provoking the fire of bitterness that charred your insides black, leaving you empty and longing. Years spent traveling together had kindled a friendship between you and Newt that you treasured dearly.

Over time, however, your fondness only grew with every freckled smile he threw your way, falling harder and faster than you ever thought possible.

Their bubbling laughter shattered your concentration, a shiver running down your spine, practically feeling Tina stare daggers into your back as you rubbed your finger raw on the frozen windowpane.

Your heated anger began to subside, however, when you stared out into the white-coated streets, snowflakes leisurely drifting onto dim streetlamps that lined the sidewalks. You attempted to rid your head of negative thoughts and replace them with fond memories of other cold winter nights you and Newt had spent together, walking through snowy parks, him teaching you to ice skate, or even just cozy evenings inside the suitcase taking care of his wide expanse of creatures.

The wizard slowly sat on the edge of the sofa grudgingly, gnawing at his lower lip anxiously as he continued to glance behind his shoulder at the bedroom door. He sighed, gaze hardened as he looked to the Goldstein sister with determination. Packing your suitcase became an outlet for the emotional hurricane that tore you apart from the inside out.

You violently grabbed your clothes from their hangers, chucking your belongings on the bed unceremoniously and stuffing them forcefully into the case to keep the tears of frustration at bay. All the while, you were cold, the tip of your nose and fingers numbing from your gazing out the window.

You ignored the pins and needles in your freezing toes as you shoved another shirt in the case. You stiffened at the sound of the door squeaking open. You paused only for a moment, heart aching and hands shaking as you stared at the last shirt to be packed, crumpled and lonely over the edge of the suitcase. He cautiously removed his navy blue coat and gingerly set it on the bed, as if any disturbance would shatter any chance of pulling a response from you.

You recognized muffled laughter from the kitchen that reminded you of the scene you witnessed in the parlor, and mentally berated yourself for being so selfish. Newt watched in worry as your sympathetic expression melted into one of pure sorrow, his heart almost breaking at the mere thought of you so upset.

Time felt irrelevant as he watched your retreating form, hurried and stiff, feeling a sense of dread blossom in his chest when he fully processed what you had said.

Your breath hitched at the raw fear that laced his wide herbal eyes that locked with yours, surprised at his unexpected fierce determination to keep you from leaving. The intensity that laced his confession left you speechless. A yearning to sweep the distraught magizoologist into your arms gnawed away at your soul, a feeling of emptiness apparent as you stared into his vibrant green eyes that were brimming with tears and churning with unspoken hope.

It was all Newt could do to keep from collapsing in relief at your words, the panic subsiding as his tense muscles relaxed and whirlwind of fearful thoughts retreated back to darker recesses of his mind. The natural warmth that he radiated seeped straight into you, thawing your frozen core. He smelled heavily of damp soil and fresh cut wood, the scent you identified as that of home.

He hummed lovingly, the reverberations on your bare shoulder sending goosebumps up your neck. You almost could have leaped in joyous surprise, his confession delightfully melting your chilled heart.

The stark potency of his words triggered a wave of elation that washed over your entire form, your knees threatening to buckle under you as you hugged the wizard even closer, allowing the flood of euphoric feelings to manifest in a choked sob as you nuzzled into his shoulder. As you walked hand in hand to board the ship to leave New York the next morning, you looked to Newt with the fondest of smiles that he easily reciprocated with a light pink dusting his freckled cheeks.

Your destination may have been back to Britain, but you had truly found home wherever you went with your loving magizoologist. Tumblr killed links :but you can find my masterlist under my blog description! Originally posted by yourreactiongifs. I apologize for being absent so long! However I am supremely ecstatic to announce that I am finally getting the hang of things right before exams, go figure and will successfully fit in ample writing time!

Originally posted by septembercfawkes. This is so precious and inspiring I would be so honored if gondorgirl01 could let me write this prompt for her pretty please???Love your other docs btw.

newt scamander imagine jealous

Requests are still open. First, you start with the dishes, washing off the scraps of burnt veggies stew which sticks to the bottom of the pot. The solution?

~Bleach-Blond & Case-Carrying Wizards~ — Jealous (Newt x Reader)

You use magic first, and then use your own strength to brush the pot. Meanwhile, Newt is waiting anxiously yet excitedly in his bedroom. His cock has risen again, and he wants to try something new with you. He also has taken off his clothes except for his trousers and briefs. So he chooses his bedroom instead. The case now rests in the corner of the room, and he makes sure that none of creatures can escape when he fucks you.

Is there something wrong? Did you change your mind? Are you mad with him because he was a bit forceful with the blowjob? He gets off the bed and looks from the bedroom door, and see you busy with the pot. You, who are now putting the pot on the rack to let it dry, turn around and suddenly meet face to face with a very seductive Newt. You can tell he wants something different by the look from his face. Then he leans to your neck, nibbling the skin softly.

Your hands instinctively go to his shoulders, and you lean into his touch. You smile when you feel the hardness in his pants. And it twitches when you touch it.

His kisses move up to your earlobe, and he nibbles it softly, earning a moan from you. His hands then starts working their way up your sides, and going underneath your working shirt. He wants to rip it off so bad, but then he gingerly unbuttons the buttons one by one, before tossing the garment to the side.

But as soon as he meets your naked skin, his arms lose control and roam every inch of your body. Starting from your waist, he leaves your abused earlobe and starts kissing your belly, up to your ribs. Before he can takes it off, your hands swiftly goes to your back and take off the piece of clothing and give it to him.

He massages your breasts, pushing them together as he sucks on the nipple constantly, switching in between kisses. Newt has never been this dominant before, and you have never been this submissive to him. But you thoroughly enjoy the slight rough treatment on your breasts, the force making you even wetter. Newt stops massaging your breasts as he focus sucking on your right nipple, all the while playing with the left one. Newt then moves up to your shoulder, and sucks a skin near your collarbone, trying to leave at least a small mark.

The first time he tried it was for around ten minutes, and you praised him for doing so. It left a small purple mark which only lasted two days.

This time, he is more determined and he sucks harder than before, and you can feel the soreness on the sucked skin. After the skin turns a slight red, he licks it one last time and leaves kisses again, this time moving to your face, leaving a trail of saliva behind.Fluff is a common theme today.

But your wish is my command, prepare for jealous! He would run off into the city to do his research, while you would answer letters about his progress to the ministry. Your relationship was a well oiled machine, so far without any breaks or hitches, a reputation you were both proud of. So when Newt discovered something that could potentially throw a wrench in the engine, he tried to shove it away as much as possible.

Since he was an official with the ministry, the two of you spent a lot of time around each other. He was undeniably handsome, with his tanned skin and fancy green eyes. He was the kind of guy a girl like you should be with. Not him. Plus, Monty was his superior, any rash decisions, and his project would be dead. May you take a look? Incredibly, a half a second later, he placed it back on your desk and started explaining it to you.

Newt watched from afar in the living room, watching your eyes light up in realization and laugh. Oh, you had such a sweet laugh, and the fact Monty was the one receiving it, made something inside of him snap. Newt quickly stood up and balled his fists, effectively crushing his papers in his hand. But his anger vanished almost immediately, and it turned to sheer awkward tension.

You and Monty looked over to Newt, who was obviously struggling to find something to say. He relaxed his muscles, and let his shoulders hang instead. You carefully stepped in and, not wanting to make a ruckus, tip-toed down the stairs.

And he seemed to be speaking to it. You approached him as inaudibly as you could, trying to eavesdrop on the one-sided conversation. Have I done something to make you uncomfortable? He stared down at your hand, smiling slightly, rubbing his thumb over your knuckles. Newt held his case close to his chest, as if it was the only thing grounding him. You leaned up against the window, biting your nails unconsciously. And poor Monty was squished in between the both of you.

Monty let out an exasperated sigh and rubbed a hand over his face. You caught up with Monty in the back, but just as you approached him, the bus lurched and you stumbled forward into his arms. Now a clumsy mess, you stare up at him, and notice how his arms are wrapped around you. You look back at Newt, who was holding back a scowl. Then it all became clear. How quiet he was whenever Monty was around. How when you spent quality time together, he was nowhere to be seen.

This was an emotional matter.

newt scamander imagine jealous

Newt was jealous. You felt your heart flutter a little bit. It was kind of sweet.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

newt scamander imagine jealous

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Newt rather likes a massage. Tina does not approve who he gets one off. Will Tina get even? Will Newt get revenge? Newt is annoyed by Teresas constant flirting with his secret boyfriend Thomas.

newt scamander imagine jealous

Thomas is convinced Newt is jealous but Newt refuses to admit it. Thomas takes matters into his own hands, how far is he willing to go to prove he only loves Newt?

Newt isn't really sure how he got roped into this. Tina insisted that it would be fun, and frankly so far this prediction has proven to be complete and utter hogwash. She's training an Auror, a man her age named Junior — Junior! What an absurd name!

Not Junior, though. Usually Newt is the only one who gets her jokes, he fumes. Newt is jealous because he wrongly believes Thomas returns Teresa's feelings and Thomas is given the push he needs to finally tell Newt how he feels about him. Newt and Percival are invited to a Ministry party by Theseus but when Percival is hit on by several Ministry workers, Newt finds himself jealous, Percival knows just how to handle him though.

Specifically covers the blank spaces of time where we don't see what happens between events, and completely explains some of what we all suspect what was happening. Would they even be friends if they lived in a world without solar flares and infection?Originally posted by newter-pan. It had been you and only you for two years. The only girl in the maze.

You were well established and you had an amazing relationship with your boyfriend, Newt. Then one day, the Creators decided to change everything. You were working as usual in the Medjacks hut when you heard the box alarm. Like everyone else, you put down what you were doing and walked to the middle of the Glade. You saw Newt and walked over to him. He intertwined his hand with yours as you waited for the delivery.

Newt dropped your hand and jumped into the box. Lots of boys looked at you but you folded your arms and looked at the floor. It irritated you that he used the same nickname he uses for you for this new girl. You rolled your eyes, this was ridiculous, there was no reason to be jealous.

As she stood you could see her whole image. She was stunning. She had long wavy blonde hair and freckles littered her face. The longer you looked the more attractive you realised she was. Every single boy offered to help her out the box. Once inside, you let out a frustrated sigh.

Fanfics & Imagines :) — Jealous - Newt x Reader

The sight of her made you feel sick in the pit of your stomach. The way the boys, including Newt, had straight away come to her rescue and swooned over her. You picked up one of the pillows off the bed and threw it across the room.

Daniel Radcliffe attacks Eddie Redmayne's wand!

You walked across the room and picked up the pillow, putting it back where it should be. About an hour later it was getting dark and you could hear the maze walls closing. Bonfire time. You were not looking forward to it. She could be really nice. Plus it could be nice to have a girl friend in here. You looked at your watch, Newt came at this time every day to get you for dinner but he was nowhere to be seen.

You opened the hut door and walked over to the kitchens where you could see many boys were already eating. Although, as you reached the kitchens, your heart sunk. Thomas and Newt were sat either side of the blonde eating and laughing.

You watched for a couple of minutes and it made your blood boil. Every time Newt said something the girl would laugh and touch his arm or his shoulder.You had recently just received a promotion and were transferred to the Beast Division.

Following behind your escort in to your new department, you were led to a desk in which a young witch, about your age you assumed, was sitting and sorting through various documents. She had shoulder length hair, light brown, and soft skin.

newt scamander imagines

The gentleman introduced to you to her and she looked up to you, unamused, before clearly faking interest in meeting you. The gentleman smiled at you both, bid you good day and walked off, leaving you alone with your new coworker, Matilda.

Looking back down to her work, you fiddled with your skirt, waiting for instruction. Matilda noticed this but seemed to ignore you still. Clearing your throat a bit, you tried to capture her attention and she looked up, sighing. Make sure to file them by their correct division sub department. Setting up a specific pile for each, you made sure as to not confuse them or mix them up. The voice of a young man captured your attention and you looked up. Your eyes met the face of a young wizard with curly cinnamon hair just covering his eyes a bit and a face full of freckles.

He stood with a specific tilt and kept his hands in his pockets. Thanking her, he made his way to turn around before catching sight of you.

Pausing, he stared at you a moment, fiddling with the file in his hands. His eyes were a beautiful shade of green an you felt your heart leap in your chest as his eyes locked with yours.

A lop sided smile appeared on his face and he opened his mouth to speak when he suddenly lost his grip on the file he was holding. Hitting the floor, the various sheets of paper flew about and he gasped, bending down to quickly pick them up. Let me help! He reached out, hand slightly trembling, and took hold of the paper. Newt Scamander. You must be new here? You waited a moment but before you could speak again, he spun on his heel and walked off.

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