Rotork iq actuator spare parts manual

To maximise future operability, increase longevity of plant equipment and reduce long-term costs, all industrial equipment should undergo health checks and preventative maintenance programmes. According to Rotorkmarket leaders in Actuation, the following guidelines should be adhered to in any preventative maintenance programme. Rotork will perform an initial health check, which involves a detailed assessment of the actuators.

If required Rotork engineers will create an asset register which is used to hold all benchmark and future performance data. Rotork then collect and analyse operational data, which is compared to the footprint torque profiles for that particular actuator. This allows for common problems to be identified before a full maintenance service is carried out.

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Reasons for preventative maintenance of actuators Increase the reliability of actuators in-use Identify problems before damage to the actuator is incurred, or operability is affected Reduce overall maintenance costs Opportunity to make small repairs reducing the likelihood of major shutdowns.

Schedule large repairs to convenient times. Control and predict costs thus allowing for realistic budgeting. Conduct external visual inspection of all external surfaces including paint finishes, control knobs and valve stems. Check and replenish oil level Check mounting bolts, nuts, washers and screws for damage and tightness.

Confirm handwheel is operating correctly and that there is physical movement of the valve. Confirm local control works in both directions and check for any signs of deterioration, such as undue motor noise.

Analyse historic performance data and benchmark against optimum torque profiles. Remove terminal cover and check connections for tightness. Check the compartment for water ingress. If the actuator is explosion proof inspect the integrity of the flame path Remove the motor cover and inspect the motor — check the case for any ingress of moisture. If the actuator is explosion proof, inspect the integrity of the flame path. Remove the electrical cover and inspect the compartment — check for any ingress of moisture and check the status of switches, contactors and electrical apparel.

Replace all cover screws — use grease to enable future removal and protect them from corrosion. Finally, check both local and remote operation. Information taken from www. Company Profile. View Profile. Get the latest process industry news Interested in receiving even more industry-leading news from Process Industry Forum delivered directly to your inbox?

Preventative maintenance guidelines for Actuators

What our clients say? Get your content here. Trending Ask the Experts — How do I choose a pneumatic actuator? A guide to temperature sensors for hygienic applications. What kinds of applications require a steam trap? Comprehensive process safety with inductive IO-Link sensors.

The benefits of monitoring important water parameters on one platform. Going to new limits with the Baumer Ultrasonic sensor range. The use of sensors for hygienic and washdown environments within the Pharmaceutical market.Quick Links.

Table of Contents.

Wiring Diagram Selector

Chapters Cma Range 2 Mounting the Actuator Single-acting and double acting pneumatic actuators 80 pages. Profibus actuator control profibus dp option card 84 pages. Page 4: General Information This manual has been produced to enable a competent user Only Rotork approved actuator replacement parts should to install, operate, adjust and inspect the Rotork Range of be used. Under no circumstances should any modification or alteration be carried out on the actuator, as this could Compact Control Valve Actuators.

Page 5 With a minimum resolution of 0. When If your Rotork actuator has been correctly installed and sealed ordering parts, requesting information or service assistance, it will give years of trouble free service. If you are unsure of the suitability CML Extend of this equipment for your installation consult Rotork prior to installation.

Removal of top cover assembly is required to adjust configuration parameters and facilitate connection of power and field wiring. Ensure Valve is closed and safe Offline. Actuator output shaft is retracted. Page 16 Leave the coupling loose and free to rotate at this stage.

Page 17 Mis-alignment will result in increased mechanical wear and possible damage to the valve stem. Push and turn the manual override to verify correct operation of the valve.

Page 19 Mounting the Actuator securing Actuator to valve Before fitting actuator to the valve ensure that the actuator and valve are in the same position. The position of the actuator can be confirmed by using the hand wheel A suitable mounting flange conforming to ISO or USA standard MSS SP depending on the actuator supplied must be provided to mount the unit to the valve top works assembly. After setting or adjustment of stop bolts the actuator limits must be reset.

Page 21 degrees and turns operation. For applications that require thrust to be taken by the actuator Fig. Thread size Torque nm Torque lbf. Remove any transit plugs. Make off cable entries appropriate to the cable type and size.

Ensure that threaded adaptors, cable glands or conduit are tight and fully waterproof. Seal unused cable entries with steel or brass threaded plugs. Check that the supply voltage agrees with that stamped on the actuator nameplate. A fused switch or circuit breaker must be included in the wiring installation of the actuator. The switch or circuit breaker must be installed as close as possible to the actuator and shall be marked to indicate that it is the disconnecting device for that particular actuator.

Page 25 Take care to route the wiring away from the spigot housing on the gearcase. Serial number M Unit weightQuick Links Download this manual. Table of Contents. IQ Range. Chapters 1. Introduction 3 2. Settings 2. Data Log Linear, rotary and quarter-turn control valve actuators 60 pages.

Single-acting and double acting pneumatic actuators 80 pages. Profibus actuator control profibus dp option card 84 pages.

Page 3: Table Of Contents 2. The setting page from which the function was selected will be displayed with the function highlighted. Page 8: Settings 2. If the actuator was delivered complete with valve, the To change. Bypassing the torque valve. Indication It provides a volt free change over contact, refer to actuator Control circuit diagram.

There are 2 modes that can be set: Security Available default — Page Control 2. Page 13 Other available languages may be downloaded from the Rotork website, loaded into the Setting Tool using Insight2 Red — The red lights illuminate at the Closed Limit position, and uploaded into the actuator.

Visit www. Page Settings - Control 2. Page 15 2.

Electric Actuators

Infrared local control has a range of approximately Indication 0. Page 16 2. Some menu items shown are optional remote control Limits forms requiring additional hardware to be fitted in the actuator Indication see table below. The menu list displayed on the actuator will Control show only the option s fitted.

Page 17 2. The actuator will not run under remote control unless Control Source interlock signals are applied to the closed control and closed Partial Stroke interlock input or the open control and open interlock input. Page 18 Option Control actuator but will continue to report actuator status.The team of our qualified sales engineers is able to find an optimal solution or product complementary to the customer needs and provide advice on technical issues.

TA Roloff GmbH has been producing actuator technology for valves for more than 40 years, through which, thanks to their. Auma is a renowned manufacturer and developer of high quality electric actuators and valve gearboxes. Over 50 years of experience. Max-Air Technology, also known in Europe under a name of Emme Technology, is a manufacturer of automation and process control.

Remote Control is a Swedish brand of high quality pneumatic, electric and electro-hydraulic actuators designed to control standard and special. In our scope of products you will find only the products of proven quality, manufactured by reputable suppliers. We do our best to provide you with high quality equipment in good prices. Send your enquiry and check them on your own. We provide our clients with professional technical advisory in terms of selecting solutions, equipment and parts.

Contact Us. Wordwide coverage We prepare quotations and sale to the clients from around the world. Finest quality products In our scope of products you will find only the products of proven quality, manufactured by reputable suppliers. Best price We do our best to provide you with high quality equipment in good prices. Technical support We provide our clients with professional technical advisory in terms of selecting solutions, equipment and parts.For 60 years Rotork has used innovation for designing reliable, flexible and robust valve actuators and control systems.

Continuing our ethos of evolving design, the next generation IQ multi-turn and IQT part-turn actuators are now available. Reliability standards have been set even higher, it is simpler to commission and use and is unrivalled in its ability to provide valve and process control operational data. With the revolutionary dual stacked display, information about your plant and process is available at your fingertips, allowing unparalleled data analysis of the condition and operational status of the valve; data analysis that enables accurate asset management of your plant.

Rotork innovation at its best. Rotork also provides a wide range of supporting software and documentation for the IQ3 range. Rotork intelligent electric IQ actuators with motorised IB multi-turn bevel gearboxes have been installed on sluice gates adjacent Share Price:. IQ3 Range - 3rd Generation. The 3rd Generation IQ Intelligent Actuator For 60 years Rotork has used innovation for designing reliable, flexible and robust valve actuators and control systems.

Next-generation advances: New intuitive user interface. View all related news Related News. Rotork intelligent electric actuators with gearboxes used to provide floodSelect charts from the menu. Hover the mouse over the charts for prediction details.

rotork IQ Range Full Configuration, Status And Monitoring User Manual

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ROTORK 16A機械部分拆解

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